Good news: wage revision talks are on for port and dock workers

Wage revision is integral to any administration since it proves an effective bridge between the employees and the employer as it reflects genuine concern on the part of the later for the former; it is this concern that boosts up employee efficiency. The talks are bound to benefit the port and dock workers of the 12 major ports. Apart from wage revision, the talks will focus on the bonus issue as well.

Representatives from five recognized federations participate in the talks, as it should be, in all fairness of things. The participating federations are Indian National Port and Dock Workers’ Federation (INTUC), All India Port and Dock Workers’ Federation, All India Port and Dock Workers’ Federation — Workers (both HMS), Water Transport Workers’ Federation of India (CITU), and Port and Dock Water Front Workers’ Federation of India (AITUC).

The first round of talks was held in Mumbai and Delhi and talks might continue another couple of days.

A good beginning makes a good ending.